What to Consider When Buying or Leasing Used Cars


What is most important to consider when buying a used car? 

A lot of times somebody surfs the internet because they need to buy a used car. They’re not even sure what they’re doing or looking for – how to tell if what they find is a good buy.

I would say that of course they need to look for good reputable dealers. Definitely check to make sure that the dealer has a Carfax or AutoCheck service available where they can offer a history report on the vehicle. Those are the main things along with what kind warranty they give, if any, and services they provide. Check to see if they've got a shop and can help with any vehicle problems.

The vehicle history report from CarFax or AutoCheck will help them see that they're getting. It will show if the vehicle has been rebuilt or flooded – which they don’t want. And they can see the history on it, the service, how the vehicle's been maintained over the years, and so on and so forth.

They buyer should also consider mileage when looking at used cars. I’d say 120,000 miles or less is what I would look for, but of course newer model vehicles can last a long time if they are maintained properly. Every car in our inventory is excellently maintained. 

But if someone buys a low mileage, used car and doesn’t take care of it properly, they could have it destroyed within six months. 

This is part of why Gene Koury Auto Sales offers the services that we do to help our customers keep their cars in good condition for a long time. And we get them ready to sell so any issues have already been fixed before they’re put out on the lot.