Not all Used Car Dealerships are Sleazy


We know that there are misconceptions about used car dealerships like the buy- here pay-here and lease-here pay-here industry. I'm sure anyone can go to Google and type in, “Why are used car…” and then it auto populates the rest of the sentence with horrible things. When people think used car dealerships, they think of the guy coming out in a plaid jacket chomping a cigar, just being cheesy. 

I hate that. When I see that, it makes me feel a bit angry. I see commercials that portray that image of cheesy used car dealers who are crooks. I don't know why that it's that way, but it’s just the way it is. 

I guess the reason people believe that is because that's what they've always been shown on TV or in commercials. That's what they've seen. They’ve been conditioned to think that way from previous experience or the previous experience of someone they know. This image has been crammed down their throat. I don’t know why someone would think used car dealers are sleazy but new car dealers tell the truth. 

That makes it a bit more difficult for honest dealerships like Gene Koury Auto Sales to overcome that image, but we do. 

We're trying to run a good business and provide products and services to the public to give them a safe, reliable vehicle that works with their budgets. We sell and lease cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs to many happy customers who often send referral and bring their repat business to us.

Another rumor is that buy-here pay-here and lease-here pay-here dealerships want to sell people cars just so they can repossess them, re-sell them, and make money that way. 

In my humble opinion, only an idiot would think that or somebody that doesn't know anything about business. 

We spend a lot of time, effort and money getting great reliable vehicle and make them safe to drive and to last many may years. Why would I want to, repossess it?  I want to get paid for the vehicle and maximize my profit on the deal. 

Gene Koury Auto Sales is not like a dealer who pops up in January and operate for two or three months, and then disappears until next tax season after they get their big down payment. They don’t care about their customers or their cars.

When we sell or lease any vehicle, we don't wanna see it again. We’re always happy to see our customers when they stop by for a visit or to make their payments, we don't want to get the vehicle back. We want to get paid and let the customer enjoy their car.

Repossessing a vehicle is a lot of heartache on both sides, and in the end, the dealership actually loses money because of the time, money, and effort it takes to recondition it for sale in our service center. Repossessing not a way to make money. 

Ultimately, we want our customers to be successful whether they buy or lease a car from our inventory with us. We do everything on our end to help them succeed and do well in paying for their vehicle and paying it off and repairing their credit. We do report to Equifax and help people get back on their feet with a better credit score when they make payments on time.