Gene Koury Auto Sales are Awesome and Reliable


Our first step in getting reliable vehicles to sell in our inventory at Gene Koury Auto Sales is buying cars from auctions most of the time. 

We get there early and do some leg work looking for vehicles that will fit our program and our model based on the year model and the miles and the cost. We run 'em through a post-sale before they are shipped to us and we start the reconditioning process, too. That way, if there's any major issues they call me and let me know if any car failed post-sale inspection. I can then decline the purchase. I don't have to keep it, even though I've already bought it. That keeps us from getting something shipped to us that already has a major issue. 

We get all our approved vehicles in, we run them through our checklist and our 75-point inspection in our service center. 

We note the problems that we see that need to be fixed or corrected, and order parts then replace the parts. After that, the car is driven a few different times, probably five to 10 miles at a pop. Each time the cars are driven first, anything that the driver notices as far as drivability, like if it's pulling or if it sounds like it needs shocks or such, we make notes of all that stuff. 

Then the cars are put on lifts where we can actually check out those parts. Anything that we need to replace, we replace. If they need tires, we put tires on them. We check out electronic stuff, and if we find anything that needs to be replaced, we replace those parts and then the car is test driven again. 

If we find something we might have missed, well then we go back and correct that issue. Finally, our vehicles Then are sent through detail and made available for sale, put on the lot.

We have four technicians on our team who work in our own service center. We also have a  service manager/writer who orders all the parts and coordinates customer appointments for services. 

All this is important to us because we want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase or lease. We don't want them having problems after they buy it or lease it -- even though some occasionally do, because it's just the nature of the beast with used cars. Our customers know they’re not going to have a perfect car, because it’s a used one. Even brand new cars end up in shops with problems to fix. 

We just want to make sure that what we offer are good, reliable vehicles that are going to be save to drive for an individual or their family. We want to sell good vehicles and have happy customers and get referrals and repeat business. Safety and reliability is the main deal.