How do I Know What I Can Afford in a Vehicle


Because Gene Koury Auto Sales is a lease-here pay-here and a buy-here pay-here dealership, we help our customers find and get into vehicles that they like and can afford. 

The beginning of our process is that we go through their application and check their driver’s license. Having a valid driver's license is extremely important because we can't lease or sell a car to someone whose license is suspended has some other problem. 

If those look good, then we make copies of their pay stubs, proof of income, go through the application process and ask necessary questions about their job, job time, previous employment, previous addresses and so forth. We pull their credit and look at that, but of course, our decisions aren't solely based on credit score.

We make a decision about which vehicles they can choose from based on their income and down payment, and their specific situation. Together we go out onto the lot and pick out whatever cars they qualify for based on their down payment.

Once they land on one, together we decide to lease or sell it to them from our inventory.

As long as the customer comes in and has everything with them that's required, our process here is pretty fast. It gets slow when somebody comes in and they don't have their pay stub with them and they're trying to pull it up on their phone or something like that. It they're having trouble, of course, that slows it down. Or if they have to leave and go back home and get a bank statement or a pay stub and then come back in -- that's the only time it really gets slow.