Gene Koury Auto Sales is the Obvious Choice


What makes Koury Cars the obvious choice?

We've been in business here 53 years. We've got a good reputation. We help people with their credit. We help them with their situations, and we always have -- we help them to keep their car up after they buy it. We provide good service after the sale. And we offer good, quality cars that we check and make sure they're ready to go before we offer them for sale or lease.

Gene Koury Auto Sales has a huge repeat business and we always have.

There are some local families in the area that we’ve been selling cars to for forever -- and we're selling their great grandkids cars!

My dad, Gene Koury, started this before I was even born, more than 50 years ago. And you know, we're now selling grandkids and great grandkids of people. He was selling 50 years ago. That feels pretty good to be such a permanent part of a community. 

What sets Koury Cars apart from other dealerships?

Now, I’m not saying this to bash anybody, but there are some used car places here like some guys down the street that all they sell is older vehicles with higher mileage. Of course, those cars are cheaper too, but they're cheap for a reason, if you follow what I'm saying. 

Then you got some dealers that sell higher end used cars that are 2017, 2018, 2019 models. But the customer will be paying $25 grand plus for them -- and they're not a buy here pay here with in-house financing. They're strictly conventional subprime finance lenders selling their used cars. 

Most of the cars that we lease and sell at Gene Koury Auto Sales average 2014 or 2015 models and some 2013. Most of our cars are six, seven, eight years old and we have some that are a little newer, some that are a little older. But the average is fairly new.

And because we are a lease-here pay-here and buy-here pay-here business, we help our customers get into these newer models with prices they can afford. 

We also have our own service department and offer a warrant on all our vehicles. We take care of our customers every way we can. Our customer service, the way that we treat our customers helps us stand out in our community.