Buying a Car Doesn't Have to Take All Day


One common complaint that puts people off from going out to find a different vehicle is that the car buying process takes so long. 

This issue is not necessarily true here at Kene Koury Auto Sales. Our process is pretty speedy. 

Wherever you go, if you are prepared when you come to wherever you’re doing business, it shouldn’t take all day. 

If someone has been on the phone with one of my salespersons, they’ll be told to bring pay stubs and proof of income. As long they show up and have brought everything that they should have,, have their money for a down payment and they're ready to buy something from our inventory, it's a pretty speedy process. 

What takes a long time at other places is that the customer walks into the car dealership, they find a car they want to try to get, then they go through the application process and then, their finance person starts trying to get them financed. The way they do that is that they send the customer’s information to 10 different lenders trying to get a deal that helps the dealer make money.

So somebody has to sit there and it wait and it takes so long to get a deal done because the finance person is trying to get them approved. And maybe the customer is borderline on being approved or not. So it's taking the decision making process on the lender's part which takes much longer. Or they're trying to hash out a deal back and forth over the phone between the finance manager and the lender. This is what makes the process slow.

As a lease-here pay-here and buy-here pay-here dealership, the process is much faster, because we are the bank. We make the decision right then and there based on a few pieces of information and the customer’s ability to keep a contract with us. Read more about us here

Like the other day we sold we sold a car to a lady and her son. In her review after she left, she talked about how easy and speedy the process was with us here. They were in and out once we landed them on the car that they liked and it was gonna work for them. It didn't take any time and they were done and driving off the lot.

Our process is that the customer needs to bring a current valid driver's license and proof of income pay stubs. And of course, a bank statement reflective of that pay stub with direct deposit or them depositing that money in that account. And that's pretty much it, you know, pay stubs and good driver's license.